La Corona Cigar Factory


“La Corona” cigar brand was created in 1845 by Jose Cabargas, proprietor of a factory on 129, Cuba Street, Havana. Shortly after, he sold the brand to the enterprise “Antonio Cabargas & Co.”, established in 93, Galiano Street.
In 1882 the brand was acquired by Manuel Lopez, owner of "La Vencedora", another cigar factory located in Monte Street, subsequently moved to the 28, Figuras Street.

In 1885 Lopez entered into a partnership with Segundo Alvarez, an Asturian over 30 years experience in the twisted cigar industry. In the same year, Alvarez became the sole owner of "La Corona" and then join the Asturian Perfecto Lopez in order to create the society "Alvarez & Lopez Co”.

In 1889 the factory was moved again, this time for a building known as Palacio de Aldama, at the corner of Reina Street with Amistad Street. In that year the German Gustavo Bock, principal owner of "Henry Clay and Bock & Company Limited”, bought actions of “La Corona ". After, the company was sold to the British "Havana Cigar and Tobacco Factories Ltd." and then to the U.S. "American Tobacco Company (ATC)."

In 1902 a subsidiary of ATC, the "Havana Commercial Company”, took over the factory. Soon, it was popularly known as "The American Trust”.

In the 1930s, the ATC has built a cigar factory in Trenton, New Jersey and there began producing cigars of the brand "La Corona", with leaves imported from Cuba.
A.T.C. decided to close the factory of Aldama Palace, but cigars "La Corona" brand continued producing for domestic consumption, now under manage of the "Campania Tabacalera Cubana SA", in a building built by the trust in 1904.

When the factory was intervened in 1960, it was placed under the direction of the “Empresa Cubana del Tabaco”.

Shortly after the brand was discontinued, but in 1989 it was introduced again in the international market.

Orlando Arteaga Abreu.