Por Larranaga Cigar Factory


“Por Larranaga” was the second cigar factory known in Cuba from private property, preceded only by the one founded by Francisco Alvarez Cabanas in 1797.
The factory was established in 1834 in 58, San Miguel street by a spaniard immigrant who came to the city in 1825.

There are doubts about his name, because some authors refer to him as Ambrosio Larranaga, while others call Ignacio Larranaga or Por Larranaga.

The brands used by Larranaga were “Habanos 1834”, “La Guipuzcoana”, “Rough and Ready” and “Alexander II”.

Years after founded, Larranaga sold his factory to Antonio Rivero from “Rivero Martinez & Co.”, which introduced the brands “Flor de Rivero”, “Sueños de Colón”, "S. M. L. Don Carlos", “Sir Walter Raleigh”, “Aromas de Cuba” ”, “Flor de Alvarez”, “La Gloria” and “La Legitimidad”.

At the end of 19th century the factory was moved to 2B Belascoain Street, with the widow and sons of Rivero as owners.

In 1914 the firm changed its name to “Por Larranaga, Fabrica Independiente de Tabacos de Vuelta Abajo, S.A.” In 1925 this firm produced the first machine-made cigars in Cuba.

In 1937 the "Por Larranaga”, then located on 173, Carlos III Avenue, was sold to "Compania Tabacalera Nacional Habana" and this transferred it to the British company "Morris & Morris", whose headquarters was in New York. In a short time the firm changed its name again, now by "Por Larranaga, Fabrica de Tabacos, S.A.”
By the time the brands used were “Por Larranaga”, “Habanos 1834”, “Petronio”, “Flor de Alvarez”, “La Gloria”, “El Torcillo”, “Flor de Cimiente”, “Flor de Zavo”, “La Atlanta” and “La Fraternidad”.
"Por Larranaga" was intervened in 1960 and its productions transferred to the cigar unit “La Corona”, but the building on Carlos III Avenue remains as a cigar factory.

Orlando Arteaga Abreu.